Ghost\Monster is a feel good alternative rock & roll group based in California’s Central Coast featuring local native Nataly Lola on vocals & acoustic guitar along with LA transplant Jaxon Camaero on lead guitar & backup vocals. They perform both as an upbeat duo & as full band joined by Dale Moon of Travis Larson Band on drums & James Yerkes of Callie Twisselman & the Whiksey Boys on bass.

During the past five years together they have built a diverse catalogue of popular tunes featuring hits ranging from Johnny Cash & Hank Williams, Tom Petty & Whitney Houston, & straight up to Elle King & the Lumineers. It is their mission to adapt to each gig they are given and feel comfortable playing a laid back Sunday pick up party or a rocking Friday at a bar. They have also written & released two EP’s of their original material in their Alt-Rock dashed in Country style. Nataly's work with the late Grammy Award winner Randy Ridgy won a New Times Award this past year.

As a duo in 2017 they performed over 100 gigs all over the Central Coast & found time for a short East & West Coast tour. They recorded & released a two-song EP titled “Here & Gone” with the tracks getting local play on the Krush 92.5 and nationwide play on Spotify & iTunes. As a full outfit they performed at Blacklake Golf Course's & Nipomo's Summer Concert series as well as Nipomo's Oktoberfest & Still Water's Picture Perfect Sunday. They also took the stage at Morro Bay's the Siren & played regular gigs at Paso Robles' Barrelhouse Brewing Company, the Cattlemen's Lounge (Paso Inn), Kelsey See Canyon Winery & Villa San Juliette.